We here at Summit believe in a type of energy that is all natural, healthy, and tailored to each consumer’s individual needs. Our variety of unique and complex energy formulas come in a multitude of delicious flavors, providing benefits to help you go about your day.  Early Morning? Try Awaken!  Can't concentrate? Focus is the drink for you! These flavors, as well as all our other varieties, are great alternatives for those that crave a specific, natural, and delicious type of energy.

Unlike other generic energy drink brands pumped full of artificial caffeine and additives, Summit sources all of our produce locally and is preserved with natural fruit juices. 

Also know that when you purchase a Summit bottle, you’re helping yourself and the environment, too. We’re all about natural, so what’s a better issue to tackle than pollution? Our custom designed, eco-friendly paper water bottles are sustainable, resource effective, and environmentally friendly. 


Finally, Summit donates 5 cents for every bottle sold to Feeding America’s Youth. Summit donates to Feeding America’s Children because, they share the same passion Summit has to provide youth with nutrition and fulfill their dietary needs. 

Summit: Good for the environment and good for you!


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