Blueberry, Pineapple, Ginseng


Focus helps you concentrate on the task at hand, while giving you a smooth boost to help you persist on your work.

Can't concentrate? 


Early morning?

Lemon, Watermelon & Matcha

Awaken gives you a burst of energy and hydration, that will help you conquer drowsiness, and keep you energized




Apple, Chia seeds, & Turmeric

Vitalize allows you to improve your workouts with sustained energy and the feeling of being fuller for longer, also helping you recover energy lost during your activity

Need to recharge?


Strawberry, Banana & Maca Root

Empower gives you a natural, consistent stream of fuel for your body before your workout, helping fight off muscle cramps, and promote healthy muscle contractions


Need motivation?



Cherries, Citrus, Sweet Potato, & Valerian root

Mellow helps you to relax, and reduce your anxiety, helping you stay calm when you desire

Want to relax?


50 Bottles

With the option of choosing 1-4 different formulas


100 Bottles

With the option of choosing 1-5   different formulas

10 Bottle

Variety Pack

2 bottles of each formula



500 Bottles

With the option of choosing 1-5   different formulas

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